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Empowering Your Business with the Unified Telemetry Platform

Transform Your Data into Actionable Intelligence & Empower Automation

Expand your data infrastructure seamlessly as your business grows.
Harness the power of the cloud for flexibility and cost-efficiency.
Data Enrichment
Prepare your data for advanced AI and machine learning applications.
Custom Controls
Tailor our platform to your unique needs.

Focus on What You Do Best

Commercialize faster, and without the cost and operational burden of developing a backend platform. The UTP accelerates innovation by unifying business operations, data science, contextual information, and engineering into a single interoperable system.


Empowering Diverse Sectors

Partnering for Success

The RPM-One Unified Telemetry Platform reduces the total cost of ownership while accelerating time to implementation and commercialization. With RPM-One, you can focus on your product and business growth, leaving platform development and maintenance to us.


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