Future R&D



Continuous passive monitoring of food and industry supply chains to optimize yield, safety, and sustainability through human-machine interactions.

Operational inefficiency and disease outbreaks in agricultural and livestock management have widespread impacts on the global supply chain, economy, and international relations.

RPM-One Agriculture provides cost efficient physiologic monitoring of plants and animals for biosecurity, grow efficiency, and waste prevention through early detection and autonomous intervention. While agriculture currently accounts for 25% of green house gas emissions, it also offers opportunities to both fight climate change and feed more humans as the world’s population grows to greater than 10B people by 2050.



Automated monitoring and correlation of human-machine and structural transactions to trace, track, and optimize environmental impact and carbon sequestration.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) has declared that we cannot address climate change without technology.

RPM-One Environment monitors and correlates data from every human, machine, and human-machine interaction in an interoperable system to better understand each transactions impact on the environment, objectively quantify carbon offsets and deliver insights or automate economical transactions.